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Why Young People Rely On Social Media?

Why Young People Rely On Social Media

It is very clear that young people are relying on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to fully drive their social media engagement. They set up personal pages in these social media platforms and they seek to have loyal following for their social network presence. They want friends and family to have access to their Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. Social media is a great platform that enables young people to distribute their content, opinions, thoughts and experience on multiple channels and devices. Today, young people can no longer ignore mobile technology, because it is an important part of their learning process. The education system often incorporates mobile devices and social networks to ensure that young people will be able to learn.

Now, we can see that when young people use social media, it is often within the mobile technology framework. They always bring mobile devices near them, especially if they want to get themselves properly updated. Social network and instant messaging are more appealing for young people, because email and other communication tools are often awkward and delayed. They need to compose a longer message and wait for a longer time to get a response. Young people also can use social networks to aid them in the decision making process. Any update and changes in plan can be communicated with friends and family, so they are able to make their day much more efficient. For young people, social network is also a tool to attract new friends and maintain communications with them.

Social media is often used on mobile devices, instead of laptop or desktop computers due to factors of convenience. Many smartphone models are already embedded with popular social network apps, so young people can register or log in immediately to start communicating with others. Young people need to ensure that they can provide interesting content, although it’s about personal stories and experience. By making their content more interesting, it will not be obscured by the tweets and posts of other users. It means that young people could also experience some sort of competition in ensuring that their tweets and posts will get the most responses. Just like companies, we can see that young people use social network to establish their personal brands.

This may sound like misleading, but we often see how young people could show themselves in a way that they want, not in a way of what they are. So, it is important for young people to represent themselves in an actual manner. Shaping personal branding is a good thing, but it is better if they accentuate their present state in an informative and positive manner. So, regardless of their situation, young people can share positive things without being misleading or dishonest about themselves. In the end, social media is about sharing our opinion, experience and knowledge. Young people should see social media as a way to enhance positive communication, instead of causing unnecessary conflicts. As an example, they can retain relationships with old friend from elementary schools, regardless of their locations.

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