Why You Should Stop Relying On PPC And Focus On SEO Instead?

SEO and PPC are often used the same time by many website owners. This is especially true for many new websites that need to immediately generate traffic, because SEO could bring too little results in the first few months of operation. However, if you have been using PPC and SEO efforts for many months, you start to think seriously about reducing your dependence on PPC. In the end, SEO-based traffic is the best option, especially because it’s completely free. With SEO, you should be able to attract high quality traffic with enough quantity and quality. PPC is a kind of Internet marketing and it’s essentially online ads that users or potential buyers can click to get to your website. Because people consciously click on these links, you will be able to attract highly targeted traffic.

One big advantage about PPC is that the text ads are positioned by search engines and websites in strategic places, so people are able to see them, so there’s more chance that these ads will be clicked. However, PPC isn’t free and you need to pay an amount of money, each time the ads is clicked and user is transported to your website. The PPC campaign can be based on specific budget to prevent uncontrollable spending. It means that once the budget is exhausted, your text ads will no longer be displayed by the search engine. PPC campaign can be expensive, if your keyword is competitive and you need to pay more each time people click your ads. The money you spend on PPC should be much lower than the amount obtained from real sales. Another good thing about PPC is that, the method is useful during economic downturn when traffic from search engines seem to subside due to the reduced demands.

You may maintain the PPC campaign if you get really good profit from it. However, if your profit from PPC seems to be fluctuating, you should consider tilting the balance towards SEO-based traffic. It is a well known fact that having a strong SEO presence is time consuming and can also be expensive if you are working with SEO firms for a long period of time. If you use the right kind of keywords for the title of the page, you should have well targeted traffic, which will respond to your marketing messages and calls to action. SEO-based traffic should work well for any kind of business and market conditions.

There should be plenty of benefits if you rely more on SEO, instead of standard PPC. The most obvious is that it won’t cost you a single cent, regardless of how much traffic you get. If you have a solid SEO performance, you could guarantee to have steady, highly targeted traffic at any time of the day. So, in the long run, it would be much better if you rely more on SEO, instead of PPC. Even in a difficult economic situation, you may still get decent amount of traffic from search engine if your content is interesting enough. There should still be advertisers who are relevant with your content.

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