Why You Should Choose Websites With KeywordLuv And CommentLuv Plugins?

It is a common SEO principle that your need to build quality links to have higher search engine ranks and eventually genuine, highly targeted traffic. It is a simple concept and there’s no magic formula in getting higher links. Successful websites that have great exposure usually also have many high quality links. WordPress is a SEO-friendly platform for website owners, but probably not to others. By default, the comment section of WordPress blogs use nofollow attribute, which stops the usual SEO juice. Some owners of WordPress blogs want to contribute in the SEO circle by enabling the dofollow attribute. A popular plugin to achieve this purpose is KeywordLuv. It is a great way to allow commenters to get a dofollow link with any anchor text that they prefer.

CommentLuv is another WordPress plugin that also allows the creation of dofollow links to external website. The plugin parses the website’s RSS feed for any new comment. A link to the newest comment will be created and it usually has the dofollow attribute. However, it is still possible for websites to implement the nofollow attribute, while enabling the Commentluv plugin. Any linkbuilders should look for relevant websites that use both plugins. By creating links in the websites, we will get the valuable SEO link juice. However, we should really respect people who are willing to disable the nofollow attributes in their website. We should be really careful not spam such website and each of our comment should add value to the original post and other commenters.

When we give, we will also receive. By enabling the DoFollow attribute, more people would be eager to contribute comments in our website. This will make our website to become highly dynamic. People will want to add something of value in our website. It is quite common that traffic comes to a popular blog, through keywords and keyphrases used in the comment sections. It means that we will get free content in the comment section, if many people are eager to contribute. When the website is active enough, the comment section can become something that people will like to read. It means that people will stay longer in our website, so there’s a bigger chance that they will be exposed to our marketing messages and calls to action.

A common method to discover websites that use KeywordLuv plugin is to search for the default text that’s added by the plugin in the common section. The text is typically, “This site uses KeywordLuc. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”. So, we could search the phrase, along with the relevant keyword for our website. As an example, we could search: “The site uses KeywordLuv” car”. It means that we could find webpages that have DoFollow comment section and with general topic on cars. This is useful if our website discuss about car or if we sell cars in local areas. Again, you should avoid spamming these websites. Comments may need manual approval before being published.

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