Pleasant Trip: 4 Reasons To Rent A Car For Your Upcoming Vacation

Comfort and independence of movement are important questions in any journey. Therefore, car rental service becomes more popular year by year. According to Google Trends Research statistics, about 50% of travelers rent a car for their vacation, and this figure increases every year. Do you want to know why car rental will be the best mean of transportation for your next trip? Well, then check out the following 4 reasons…

To discover unique and interesting sights

When travelers plan a trip, they aim to see popular and world-famous places, such as Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge and the Colosseum. However, in addition to the major attractions, each city and country features a huge number of unique places that are located outside of the standard tourist routes.

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Rent a car with Rentalcars24h and start an unforgettable trip in order to get acquainted with the real culture of the country and see how people live in other parts of the world. It’s almost impossible to complete such a journey without a rental car. If in the mainland Europe public transport is developed quite well, the same cannot be said about the island part, the African and Asian countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, where all the most beautiful places will simply remain undiscovered without a car. When traveling by car, you can find some special place, which will become more than just a common sight for you. As a bonus, you’ll be able to take unique photos and really impress your friends.

To be independent of Public Transport

When traveling by car, you usually don’t think when you should get up in order to reach the train station and not to miss your only train. Also, you won’t worry about the fact that you cannot catch a beautiful sunset on the coast, since the last bus leaves at 4 pm.

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Of course, we don’t want to worry about something and run somewhere during vacation. While using a rental car, you just enjoy the fact that you can afford not to waste time for watching the schedules of all the trains along the route. In addition, you shouldn’t nerve about how to get to those beautiful beaches, rocks and cozy towns in the mountains which are not reachable by public transport. Those who use car rental have the opportunity to plan the route in accordance with the current mood at any time. For example, you decide to stay in a nice little village for another night to enjoy the hospitality of a happy Italian family, or maybe just want to have a second glass of house-made wine and spend a romantic evening with your beloved one.

In short, rental car gives you the freedom of choice.

To Travel with comfort and your favorite Music

Despite of the presence of well-developed modern public transport, it’s more comfortable to travel by car anyway.  It doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or with your noisy friends, because it’s much more pleasant to enjoy the trip separately and of course with air conditioner.

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Well, for each trip you can pick up a suitable car. For example, for a lovely trip together with your sweetheart you can rent the smallest Fiat 500 or Peugeot 107, which will cost you about 10-30 Euros per day depending on the car rental country. When traveling with family or a large group of friends it’s better to take a SUV or minivan. By the way, it will be much easier to travel with children and control their movement if you use a rental car. In case you plan a trip to the mountains, you need to make sure that the rental car will be powerful enough to ride on mountain serpentines.

To save Money

Car rental is a profitable transport for your vacation. Hotel transfers, trains and taxis can be very expensive to visit all the major places, and the cost of a sightseeing bus can be equal to a one-week car rental price. So, such conditions won’t allow you to see everything you want at an affordable price.


Therefore, many tourists decide to rent a car. If you prefer vehicles with a manual transmission, then car rental price will be even cheaper. When planning a trip, it’s better to check the information on expenses for gasoline, toll roads and parking in advance, because you can save up additionally. For example, you can skip major toll roads, and enjoy the enchanting scenery while driving through the charming towns and villages. It often happens so that the cost of gasoline at small gas stations away from main roads can be cheaper, and if your trip lasts a week or more, you can pre-purchase the refueling service and pick up the car with an empty tank. On the hotel booking sites you’ll be able to find options with free on-site parking, and if you travel by car, it’s possible to choose more affordable accommodation options away from expensive central areas. Moreover, when traveling with your friends, the full cost is divided into several people and it’s more advantageous to travel even throughout countries. Of course, don’t forget to search for special offers – they will help you to save up additionally to 20%.

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