How To Have Proper Sitemap For Your Website?

Search engines are essentially a huge database of webpages and important files. In order to achieve this, they need to launch a piece of code known as spider or web crawler. The software may automatically seek content in the Web and it gives more weight to various factors. Spiders will continue to navigate the web to check any kind of relevant content. Be checking the title, tags and keyword density of a webpage, search engine bots are able to determine the actual topic of the website. Keywords are essentially words that directly represent the primary topic of our website. Search engines keep this information in their index and when an Internet user seeks for a piece of information, a search result is displayed based on this index.

SEO is easy to understand, but it could also quite complex, because it may include various factors, such as smart use of code, keyword analysis, link popularity analysis, use of good content and proper website structure. These factors are essential if you want to have high placement in the search engine results. Search engines consider that your website deserves the most attention when it is displayed at the top position in the first page of search results. You may choose a shortcut by paying the search engine for a placement above the top search result, but this will be costly, because you will need pay each time someone clicks on your ads. Even for Google, sponsored links remain the primary source of income and paid links actually have indirect SEO benefits for website owners as well.

One important factor to consider is that you need to make sure your website is well organization and we simple structure. The structure is represented by a sitemap and it’s essentially a map of pathway that search engine bots need to go through to crawl the website and index all the content inside. Sitemaps are consisted of links of primary points in your website and usually generated as an .xml file. Content management systems and other website platforms can help you to generate this xml file easily through the use of plugin and other tools. Websites should be designed in an intuitive and simple manner and this will also represented by a sitemap that looks perfectly straightforward and makes sense.

If we have done things properly, we should be able to see primary keywords and keyphrases in the sitemap. Keywords should already be included in page titles, so this will become another strong indication about the primary topic of our website. It’s possible to manually edit the xml file, but you shouldn’t do any excessive changes that cause unwanted consequences. As an example, care should be exercised no to cram your webpages with too many links and keywords. This can be seen as blatant spamming and you may receive some amount of penalization for things that you do. With responsible and smart SEO creation and modification technique, your website should be able to remain in higher position.

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