Can Video Games Improve Our Managerial Skills?

Can Video Games Improve Our Managerial Skills

There are different elements of digital technology that and one of them, is video games. In general, video games are much more than entertainment. They can also be used for education purposes. With the proliferation of smart mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, gaming is a natural phenomenon. There are many thousands of free games that can downloaded to Android and iOS devices. Games are also not simplistic; some games can help us to improve management and organisational skills. As an example, instead of playing standard soccer games, we may also play football manager games. We are able to direct and manage virtual soccer teams, just like a manager. There are various tycoon games that emphasize on our managerial skills. They are based on the real life occupations and it should be appropriate if we know how to improve the way we manage things. However, the actual question is whether things on video games can be applied to real jobs. We should be aware that video games and reality are two different entities. We should know whether our ability to play game is a transferable skill that can be applied in the realm of reality.

Regardless of the skill, an employee needs to implement discipline in an organization and you need to focus relevant tasks. It means that these tasks should help you to achieve specific objectives, goals and aims. The goal can be reflected by a mission statement and there are situations in real life that can be likened to elements in video games. When we are playing management video games, organization goals are transformed into individual missions that can be handled by a single player. It means that many details are simplified or eliminated, for the sake of playability. Then, it means that the levels of realism are significantly reduced, even in the most complex management games. One good thing about game is that players are able to get a sense of achievement and in some cases, they are confident that they can handle the real thing, which in many cases, is not true. Even so, we should consider whether video games are able to enhance our managerial skills. Is it possible that professionals who already hold important positions in real life career are able to enhance their managerial skills using video games.

If we want to become successful in the workplace, we need proper communication and coordination skills. We should have the ability to delegate tasks to other employees. These elements are also available in video games, even in multiplayer first person shooters. We need to be able to instruct team members to defend specific positions and do certain things. We need to be able to carry our plans effectively, even when under pressure. In the end, video games are still leisure activities and they are not associated with work. Compared to real life careers, video games are very different. We will not be able to fully simulate real pressure in workplace and games are supposed to create a relaxed environment.

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