Benefits Of RFID Technology

Benefits Of RFID Technology

There are many great technological advances and one of them is RFID. It is essentially based on microprocessors to generate electronic identifications. They have short wave radio signals that can be used to transmit information to reader devices. RFID has been used in many industrial sectors. RFID is no longer an obscure technique and they are also embedded inside the body of some pets. It provides information about the overall health status of the pet, such as vaccination, birth date and previous health issues. Implants are more accurate and readily available than written records, as long as we have the proper reader device. RFID can also be used to determine the owner the pet, if the lost pet is gathered by the authority.

After a period of quarantine and health assessment, the pet can be returned to the owner. With the increased degree of miniaturization, we could expect to see that RFID chips will become much more powerful. As an example, 64-bit programming used in RFID will allow for higher rate of information transmitted and received by the RFID. We will see that RFID will have unlimited level of overall flexibility in the future. For inventory purposes, we could see that RFID can be used for tracking inventory flow and how products move between inventory areas. The use of RFID will reduce the need of people who directly monitor and guard the items. If some products are found missing, they can be more easily tracked based on the last known position.

RFID is also beneficial in commercial industry and it is no longer necessary for customers to pay with cash or use credit cards. RFID signals can reach about 5 meters, more than enough for any transaction situation. RFID will make things much easier and we will be able to pay faster using smartphones. Similar technology has been applied successfully by Apple and Samsung. Buyers will be able to confirm the payment using the mobile device and the amount can be deducted automatically from their savings accounts. If the merchant is trustworthy enough, the payment can take place automatically and buyers will simply need to take the goods away from the store, after they pass through a type of scanning area.

RFID should be really helpful, because it allows us to eliminate any requirement for excessive wiring. Users or items can be handled in a much better way. The proximity of objects are the only thing that we need to consider. The movement of item can be synchronized with the camera. It means that each time we have visual observation on the camera, we will be able to confirm it with the records we get from the RFID movement database. Companies should consider using RFID technology if they have a significant inventory capacity. This will allow them to ensure that even the smallest item can be tracked anywhere it is. RFID is small enough that it can be embedded in the each product and then removed before it reaches the shelves and picked up by buyers.

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