5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score can get out of hand extremely quickly so you want to make sure you keep on top of everything that comes in and goes out each month. Here are five simple ways that will help you improve that credit score of yours.

Credit Card is for emergencies only

This is an obvious one but thought it should be mentioned early on just in case. If you have money in the bank, do not get into the habit of using your credit card. Just stick to your debit card and when you have no money on your debit card, do not use your credit card for items that are not necessarily needed. 

The credit card is for emergencies only so if you cannot afford it then do not spend it, it is that simple. Obviously, if you are in a business and need to pay for those unexpected business rates then make sure you pay them. Business rates appeal is great for your business to save a lot of money so this is something you should consider. 

Do not ignore the electoral roll

This is very important if you want to boost the way lenders will look at you. Not only this but it will also improve the chances of getting accepted for credit as well so it is something that you should definitely consider. 

The reason for this is because credit agencies can double-check who you are as well as your history. Them knowing more about you will definitely help you get accepted. 

Make sure you use an eligibility checker

This is something that you can check to help you find out whether or not you are going to get rejected for credit. It shows how eligible you are which means you can save time in applying for things that you will get rejected for meaning you will not need to do multiple applications you are applying. 

Make sure your name is on those bills that you pay 

This is a perfect way to having a good credit score without putting much effort into it. This is more aimed at the younger generation for when they are paying rent to live at home with their parents. 

If you are not on any bills such as your phone contract or electricity bills then you should put your name down for them. It is a simple and effective way to start improving the credit score of yours early on. 

Last but least, pay your bills on time

You have got bills coming out this weekend but your mates are going out as well. Do the sensible and not go out for just one weekend. Either that or borrow it from a friend/ parent and pay them back on payday. 

To conclude

There you have it, five different ways to improve that credit score of yours that are not too difficult as well. Make sure you pay everything on time then you cannot go wrong. 

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